A band from Reykjavik Iceland Their first album is out... Dalí
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DALÍ is the project of singer/bassist Erla Stefánsdóttir based in Reykjavik, Iceland. Music and lyrics are written by Erla. With her in the band are Helgi Reynir Jónsson guitar and Fúsi Óttars on drums. Fronted by a singing female bassist who sings about love but also burying those lovers alive - it’s never a dull moment with DALÍ. Founded in 2014, DALÍ has been all over Iceland playing and attracted followers for their powerful live performances.
From Iceland
DALÍ is a mixture of many elements; there is a hint of sweetness from Joni Mitchell, the surrealistic ruggedness of Primus and in between the full hearted attitude of a sailor
... it all comes together in DALÍ, a music style of many genres.
Travelling band
Dalí has played all over Iceland

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